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Cosplay Awareness

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 3, 2014, 9:07 AM

A bit of a rant, but it seems like something that needs attention, especially as cosplay conventions are starting up, and more people are becoming active in this wonderful hobby.

Something that pissed me off from the beginning of starting this hobby, was the mentality that only certain people with ideal body types and high level of quality in workmanship deserves appraisal for their efforts. This has effectively intimidated most beginners, and hurtful comments have scarred even potentially talented artist to retire. Most of these comments are from people who haven't even attempted to stitch a straight line, and all the hard work (yes WORK), stress and time involved into making even the simplest of designs can feel like a pretty big achievement, even if the end result is less than perfect. Have we forgotten that we were all beginners at one point? The amount of different skills needed for this hobby is incredible, every costume, every prop, you have to think of mechanics, movement issues, material selection, ratios and techniques, it's basically unlimited in your choices, just like art should be.

So why is everyone so critical for something meant to be inspiring and a fun pastime? I've always supported the fact of helping beginners, and those with no skill, no money, and trying something new. I had to learn from trial and error on every single cosplay I've ever done, and yes even my newest ones like Hero's Shade or Valefor. I wanted to prove that even poor people, who can't afford expensive materials, and have access to numerous tools and supplies, can make something of quality that can impress. It takes time, a LOT of time, and dedication, patience, and a innocent thought of how cool it would be to try to make this, and even just for a day, be a character we really love.

There are several levels in competition (masquerades), that help beginners move up ranks to where they finally feel comfortable with whatever techniques they've gained proficiency in. Most people don't even compete! This also does not mean a Master level costumer is a master at everything, I still can't sew straight to save my life. So, if a Master has problems with some basic techniques, how do you think beginners, or even intermediate cosplayers feel when they get rude comments? How the hell does that support or help anyone improve if we just ground them to the dirt, and stunt their potential to get better? I've also seen heavier set women/men make excellent cosplays, I've seen amazing crossplay too, that fit them better than most skimpy girls wearing nothing but tattered bikinis. My respect goes to skill, not body types. Last I remember this was a --costume-- hobby, am I mistaken? You want a slutty nurse? Wait until Halloween.

Constructive criticism is one thing, but be mindful of who you are bashing, because unless you've put in those grueling sleepless hours, and understand first hand what goes into the smallest detail, there should be no reason why these issues should ever exist. You want to see better cosplays? Cheer them on, let them get better, and maybe one day, they'll even impress you.


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cakie-chu Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
just replied to your last message, forgot to attach the link of my chocobo tattoo, so here it is :)

the embeded code is giving me some grief, but here's a link to my page, you can see it 3rd row down :)
Ohh! I love it~ :D It looks awesome. Whoever tattooed did a great job on both of them~ :D

Did it hurt much though? Since the bones are right there, and the skin is thin? I heard the back of hands hurt, because of all the nerves there too. I think they're both adorable though~
cakie-chu 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you~! i love them both so much x3 and yes the foot is definitely a hard place to get  a tattoo. I found certain parts like the inside and outer sides of my foot were worse. like the blitzball comes over to the inside of my foot a bit, that was a hard spot. and as you can see, this is why I love being able to wear flats and sandles in the summer, so i can constantly look at my feet :p
dragonricca Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here is the official trailer:…
Oh noes... it's coming to life... D:

Their voices... I think, I might just accept that this movie is not TMNT, but a typical super hero movie with a lot of action, and bad script, starring our favorite turtles. Their movements remind me of the hulk.. if they are that large, how in the world will they find an actor for Casey Jones... XD

What did you think of the trailer? I'm still having a lot of mixed feelings...
dragonricca Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: Don't worry, it's just a movie. I'm sure they can't come into our world lol

I got a little problem with their looks.. are they related to Shrek..?
The size is a less problem for me tbh..
I'm sure the script won't be super, probably ok but not more.
But when did tmnt ever get a good script? TMNT 2012 sure are better
than most tmnt stuff we have seen on the screen.. but it's still really simple..

I don't expect much of this movie, but I hope it will be entertaining.
If it gets enough attention we may get a reboot in a few years.
Lol, if they could come into our world.. looking like that, I would weep more. XD

Yes, it's all their face that I dislike (and their weird shells), I'm curious on what Leo will sound like though. He seemed to get the most action oriented spotlight in the trailer, and Mikey got the most talking and close-up. Maybe I'm bias... I didn't mind the original movie, perhaps because it was loosely based off the comics, which was a treat for me because I love the comics. Even if their personalities were a little too "happy". I didn't mind how they looked either, I love puppetry mechanics, and I was impressed as a kid. :)

Hmm, a reboot would be interesting, I think the 2012 series was partly that. I think they've been doing a pretty good job overall, it's still very light hearted though to keep it as a kid's show. I haven't looked into the IDW comics enough, hopefully they are staying grim in their series and reboot. I'm still going to see the movie regardless too, my heart is just heavy at what could come of it.
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dragonricca Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Valentine's Day~ :heart:
Oh, thank you! :) Happy Valentine's Day to you too~ :D

I've always thought this holiday was pretty silly, you should show love everyday to someone who means a lot to you. :) So I hope you feel loved today, and everyday to come!
dragonricca Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess it's as silly as we make it :XD:
But it's a good excuse for sending love to everyone :D :huggle:
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